The NHL program evaluates the SPSS statistical analysis course for postgraduate students


The Nebras Association for Development organized a SPSS statistical analysis course for students of the New Horizon Leaders Program "NHL" at the postgraduate level, funded by Al-Awn Foundation for Development.
The course targeted eleven beneficiaries of the "NHL" grant program to provide them with the skill of statistical analysis using the SPSS statistical program.
The project specialist, Engineer Shehab Al-Saqqaf, indicated that the importance of this course lies in the skill that the students undergoing training will acquire in possessing the skill of statistical analysis, which will benefit them extensively in conducting scientific studies, including master's and doctoral theses to complete the requirements of postgraduate studies at the university.
For his part, the project officer, Mr. Ghazal Bakhder, emphasized the interest of the Aid Foundation and the Nibras Association for Development in the students of the New Horizons Program "NHL" by supporting them financially and cognitively through these courses, which will make a cognitive and skill difference for them in their academic career, to graduate specialized leaders who manage the wheel of development in the country.
209 male and female students benefit from this year's NHL program in health, administrative and legal specializations