The conclusion of the training in the Pioneers Development Program in Mukalla


Al-Awn Foundation for Development, in partnership with the US-Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) and World Learning, concluded training 20 socially influential young men and women.
The program coordinator, Mr. Salem Anis, indicated that the training axes in the program focused on developing young leaders, enhancing their social impact, and improving their job opportunities to work in the non-profit sector in an intensive theoretical and practical way.
Noting the comprehensiveness of the fields of entrepreneurship, which are no longer based on profitable business, but rather expanded under the umbrella of several fields, including social business, which is the goal that the program seeks to establish among socially influential youth of both sexes in Hadramout.
The Pioneer Development Program lasted for 10 training days, 7 hours per day, and included three training courses in the field of social entrepreneurship, financing management, project management, and a workshop related to social inclusion.