Organizing the annual meeting for (DAFI) scholarship students in Aden


Al-Awn Foundation for Development in Aden organized the annual meeting for students of the "Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative" (DAFI) scholarship program.


The meeting comes to create a social bond between the refugee students who benefit from the grant, prepare for the formation and election of an administrative body for the DAFI Student Union, and form a close relationship between the students and the executive management of the project in Aden.


During the meeting, the Director of the Programs and Projects Department at the Al-Awn Foundation for Development, Mr. Muhammad Salem Al-Sabban, reviewed the most prominent activities of the Foundation and its programs, stressing the Foundation's keenness on the success of the executive partnership with the High Commissioner for Refugees in providing quality education to the beneficiaries of the project as a human right that they should enjoy in light of the war conditions. It led them to seek refuge in Yemen and to ensure their integration into society as a human entity with rights and duties, noting the UNHCR's efforts to create a new generation of change-makers who can lead in finding solutions to the conditions of refugees.


During the meeting, they discussed the accompanying training in the grant, as well as the holding of DAFI Student Union elections by the project management.



The refugee students who benefited from the program praised the exemplary development work of the Foundation and the success of the educational partnership between the Foundation and the UNHCR in supporting and enrolling them in education so that they can obtain their right to education in accordance with the provisions of internationally stipulated human rights laws.



The DAFI scholarship or scholarship program of the “Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative” offers eligible refugee and returnee students the possibility to obtain a university degree in their countries of asylum or at home. With exceptional support from the Governments of Germany, Denmark, the Czech Republic, UNHCR, and private donors, the program has supported more than 18,500 refugee youth to enroll in higher education since 1992.



The DAFI grant is one of the five main axes of the strategy aimed at increasing the enrollment of male and female refugees in higher education to 15 percent by 2030.