Al-Awn for Development provides 1,921 integrated school bags for the displaced and people with special needs in Hadhramaut and Ma’rib governorates.


Within the Return to Education project, Al-Awn Foundation for Development completed the distribution of 1,921 school bags for displaced children and people with disabilities in the governorates of Hadramaut and Ma’rib, as part of its humanitarian interventions in the educational sector, especially after the ongoing conflict in the country and the displacement of thousands of families from conflict areas to stable governorates such as the governorates of Hadhramaut and Al-Mahra.
The Foundation distributed 509 school bags for displaced children in Al-Abr District and 489 school bags for children with disabilities in Sayun District in Hadhramaut Governorate, while it distributed 923 school bags for displaced children in Ma’rib Governorate.
During the launch of the Return to Education campaign, the project specialist at Al-Awn Foundation for Development, Salem Hamda, pointed out the Foundation’s keenness to achieve its goals of pushing displaced children and people with disabilities toward education and alleviating the difficulties of enrolling in school, stressing the Foundation’s commitment to the goals of sustainable Development and its constant interaction with emergency humanitarian situations in the country.
For their part, the responsible authorities in Hadramaut and Ma’rib governorates praised the Foundation’s efforts and its support and implementation of projects that address humanitarian needs, expressing their satisfaction with the Foundation’s social responsibility towards humanitarian issues, including education in emergency situations.
Awn Foundation for Development continues its humanitarian work in the educational sector through several projects, including the Return to Education Project. At the end of last month, the Foundation celebrated World Humanitarian Day and discussed humanitarian issues with international and local organizations working in the local field, including issues in education in general.