Announcing the activation of the experience of the first Arabic version of Happy Schools in Yemen


The Al-Awn Foundation for Development organized a workshop on Adapting the Happy Schools framework and tools in partnership with the Ministry of Education and UNESCO and with funding from the Foundation.
This workshop discusses the possibilities of implementing the Happy Schools experience applied in 100 #foreign countries and launching the Arabic version of it for the first time at the level of the #Arab #nation in Yemen.
In the workshop, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education for the #Education Sector, Mr. Muhammad Lamlas, referred to the war conditions in the country that led to education being hit by an epidemic of fragility. However, despite the ongoing crisis, we created a ministry from scratch in Aden.
Lamlas praised the initiative of the Al-Awn Foundation for Development in adding the value of happiness to the educational process despite all the obstacles to achieving the desired development and getting out of the crisis that cast its dark shadow on all aspects of life.
In turn, the Executive Director of the Al-Awn Foundation for Development, Dr. Abdellah bin Othman, linked the concept of happiness to motivating students to learn and the ability to achieve ambitions by launching the first Arabic version of the Happy Schools experiment and projecting it onto the proposed Yemeni schools to measure the positive repercussions that will accrue to education from the implementation of this experiment.
He stressed the importance of linking happiness in the educational process to the psychological and social aspects and even to students' academic achievement, with the concept of happiness varying from one individual to another.
The workshop participants recommended adopting the Happy Schools Project to support the success of the educational process in the country and requesting the leadership of the Ministry of Education to prepare general policies to implement the Happy Schools Project in coordination with the Aid Foundation.
The workshop also came out by activating the role of the media and educational media on the importance of spreading the culture of happiness and its role in shaping the students' personalities and calling on #UNESCO to provide technical and material support for the project.
Three #schools were chosen, one from #Aden and two from #Hadhramaut, to implement the Happy Schools experience within their educational programs as a test tube for the success of the first #Yemeni Arabic experience and to circulate it to the rest of the schools after being evaluated by the parties participating in this educational and pioneering idea to raise the quality of education in #Yemen.