The President of Hadhramout University reviews the progress of studies at the College of Education Center in Doan


Last month, the President of Hadhramout University, Professor Dr. Muhammad Khamis, paid a fact-finding visit to the College of Education Center building in Doan district to observe the progress of studies at the center under the Rural Teachers Project, funded by the Al-Awn Foundation for Development and the Selah Foundation for Development.

The project targets girls from Doan, Wadi Al-Ain, Hura and Haridha districts who wish to obtain a bachelor's degree in educational specializations.

The university president was briefed by the center's general coordinator, Dr. Abdullah Qaneyi, on the current specializations, the level of study in them, and the number of students enrolled in the available specializations, which is 164 students.

During the visit, the university president and the accompanying delegation discussed the educational conditions of the center, the importance of strengthening its place in society, studying the needs of girls' education in particular, and university education in the districts in general, and preparing plans to open other academic programs, according to the required needs.

The meeting was attended by the University Vice President for Academic Affairs, Professor Dr. Abdullah Ba'abeir, the Dean of the Faculty of Education, Dr. Saeed Balfefer, the University Secretary General, Professor Abdullah Eidid, the Director General of Doan District, Salem Bankhar, the Director General of Wadi Al-Ain and Hura District, Salem bin Abadeen, and the Director of the Selah Foundation for Development branch in Doan district, Ahmed Balfakhr.